XOCO … what does it mean?

Pronounced /sjoko/ in norwegian

It the shorter version of: XOCOLATL

Pronounced: english /chocolatel/ in norwegian: /sjokolatel/

There are few theories of how this word came to be and what it originally meant. Here is the one that most historians agree with: it comes from the nahuatl (aztec) language: XOCOC: bitter ATL: water hence: bitter water. Historians have discovered that the Aztec civilization used to make a fermented spiced bitter chocolate drink under this name. It is without doubt the most international word that the Nahuatl language has given to the world.

This is why I have chosen a cacao flower to be the logo and Xoco the name. I wanted them to be a constant reminder of the respect this noble ingredient deserves: is not only rich in complex flavours and health benefits but also in history and culture: nations and peopleĀ“s lives has being shaped around by the influence of this industry.

The mighty Orinoco in South America, as Jules Verne called it, gave the world the array of trees and beans that make up the family of cacao varieties. Europe gave us the techniques as to how to treat those beans to turn them into the delicious Chocolate as we know it today.

Through my work I want to present you my interpretation of Norwegian flavours through my chocolate creations.

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