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My chocolate


As a gastronomical professional my self demand for tasting experience is a constant improvement and research of my products. This process ends up with a fine chocolate bar that has its unique flavour profile and texture. Turning them into a true chocolate experience.

In this post I want to talk about my chocolate bars.

I make them using Venezuelan cacao beans, organic scandinavian sugar and local flavours.

Each type takes months to create: from the concept to reality, take a look at my instagam.

I make sure that the suppliers I work with are commited to sustainablity: suporting producers in the improvement of their crops. This way they deliver same quality and traceability in their beans. by improving their farmers livelihood as a focus they have being able to keeping up the quality for their incredible cacao varieties for 187 years.

When it comes to norwegian flavors there are many to choose from, great local organic farming and seasonal products all being harvested right here in the Rogaland. Follow my social media so you can find out what combinations I come up with.

thank you for stopping by.

Corina Gimenez

Photo credit: Hannah Macfarlane

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