My Style

Colours, textures and flavours. I look at my raw materials and think of a side I want to enhace (flavourwise) and develop from there.

So sometimes I follow the great classics of the chocolate making techniques, sometimes I do not.  This means that each of my creations have a lot of thought put into. There is always a reason why behind them.

living in Norway, in the Rogaland region (which is the gastronomical region of the country) I learnt to appreciate the local delights that comes with the seasons. I focus constantly in matching my chocolate creations with products/flavors that are local.

My two ways to work:

  1. as a chocolatier: when I melt milk chocolate couvertures previously made by another manufacturer to be used into my milk chocolate products. The brands I support are El Rey and Vahlrona.
  2. as a chocolate maker: transforming the raw materials in situ. using the best fine cacao beans I can get hold of, organic sugar and norwegian local ingredients.

I am commited to only purchasing through sustainably produced companies.

My definition of hand crafted chocolate is that: transforming, painting, tempering, packaging, distributing and delivery it is all done by yours truly.

I am in a constant quest. So please do get in touch for an update of my latest products at: